Let’s focus on data

When we talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence in most cases we talk about models that we apply to tackle our classification or regression tasks: Some experts pledge their loyalty to ensemble models such as gradient boosted decision trees. Others try their luck with fine-tuning highly complex neural networks…

Extensions that will help you create better plots more efficiently

Patchwork — arrange your graphs

The goal of patchwork is to make it ridiculously simple to combine separate ggplots into the same graphic. To get started with this great library you need to remember three basic operators: + /and | . First, let’s install patchwork and create some plots.

Basic usage

Let us combine our plots into…

Interpretability can save lives

Machine Learning models are famous for being black boxes that are complex and the reasoning behind their outputs and predictions are usually not interpretable.

Do we need interpretability?

However, when it comes to “high-stakes” decisions do we really want to trust a black box? For example when it comes to decisions in healthcare where…

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